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About Supply Link

Supply Link has established an extensive network of resellers. We move large quantities of ink and toner cartridges through many national distributors. We are looking for many more reliable and trustworthy dealers and re-sellers to help distribute genuine OEM products and supplies across America and overseas. We are the only imaging supply re-seller with this unique offer system and real-time inventory with various box conditions and box styles.

Supply Link is located in Bountiful, Utah – only 15 minutes north of downtown Salt Lake City. We are a team of highly qualified individuals with many years of experience in the ink and toner industry. We are devoted to keeping our great reputation through quality service, competitive pricing, and a hard work ethic. We’ve been doing this since 2001 and we’re looking forward to the future with optimism. The industry has sure changed over the years, but our values and reliability have not.

We believe that we have a better way of doing business and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Why Trust Supply Link?

Our most valuable asset at Supply Link is the ongoing relationships we cultivate with our customers and partners. We want to develop long-term relationships – our continued success depends on it. It's simple if we want to sell more product, we need to be honest and trustworthy so we can continue to do business with each person we meet.

We work very hard to earn and maintain your trust. Our unique offer system allows for both parties to work out deals together with open communication. We’re upfront and honest about the box condition and box style. Once an offer is settled upon, we ship orders promptly according to the terms we agreed to.

The Supply Link Offer System

Our website features an innovative barter-style system based on offers. The prices displayed on our website are simply target prices, the prices are not set in stone, we’re always willing to negotiate. Before submitting an offer to your rep, you can adjust the prices to what you're willing to pay for each item. Once the offer has been submitted, your rep will review it and either accept the offer or respond with a counteroffer. The offer continues in a back and forth manner until an agreement is reached.

Sales Reps
Garrett Garrett@SupplyLinkUSA.com 801-299-3544
Eric Eric@SupplyLinkUSA.com 801-299-3545
Brett Brett@SupplyLinkUSA.com 801-299-3546
Aubrey Aubrey@SupplyLinkUSA.com 801-299-3547