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We offer less than wholesale pricing for items in stock

The target prices listed on the site are flexible and we are willing to negotiate on pricing. Most of our product is in excellent condition, new style box, and suitable for resale. Occasionally we have blemished or damaged boxes, old-style packaging, or even opened boxes that we can always sell at heavily discounted prices.

This website allows for adjustable pricing. For example, we lower our target prices based on box condition and box style – so if you can take a slightly blemished (B condition) box, you’ll save money. Before you submit your offer, you can adjust the price to what you’re willing to pay for each item. You can also post a comment on your offer for any necessary details.

We Sell Bulk Ink & Toner Cartridges at less than Wholesale Prices

If you are looking to buy bulk printer ink & toner at wholesale prices, look no further than Supply Link USA. We offer the top ink & toner brands at wholesales prices you won’t find anywhere else.

You won’t find any non-OEM products on our site - none of that “compatible, remanufactured, generic, empty, or refilled cartridges” that you’ll find at the competition’s warehouse.


We keep the most popular products in stock so you can get bulk printer ink & toner at wholesales prices FAST. You’ll find an extensive list of reputable brands, including:




XeroxPanasonicKyoceraKonica Minolta


Buy Printer Ink At Wholesale Prices That Work For You

Here at Supply Link USA, we are incredibly flexible with our wholesale printer ink & toner and can work with you to find the lowest prices possible.


Most of our products are in excellent condition and could justify the full price, but we are always willing to negotiate on pricing.

Occasionally, we’ll have blemished or damaged boxes, outdated packaging, or already opened boxes. In these cases, we can offer a steep discount that will save you money without sacrificing print quality.


What makes buying wholesale printer ink and toner with us different is that you choose what you want to pay. For example, we lower our target prices based on box condition and box style. This means that you can take a slightly blemished (B condition) box, and save money on an otherwise perfectly fine product.

Our Inventory List Is Accurate & Up To Date

When you buy bulk ink & toner with us, you won’t have to worry about placing an order only to find out something is back-ordered.


The website displays our current, real-time LIVE inventory. “In stock” means just that to us - we won’t play games to try and get your order. You can also take a look at items we have coming in soon “on order”. This will give you a sneak-peek at what’s on its way, so you can plan future orders.

Every day, we receive hundreds of new items and our department scans them in right away. This way, you can rest assured we have exactly what we say we do.

dropship ink & toner cartridges

We can blind drop-ship orders at no extra cost to you

This website displays our current real-time LIVE inventory “In Stock” as well as the items we have coming in soon “On Order”. This feature allows you to see what we expect to be getting in soon.

Every day we receive hundreds of new items. As soon as our receiving department scans the product away, the QTYS are updated on this website.

How It Works

Buying bulk printer ink and toner at wholesale prices is as straightforward as it gets when you work with Supply Link USA.

Before submitting an offer to us, adjust the price to what you’re willing to pay for your wholesale toner order. You can even make comments on the order sheet for any necessary details.

When we receive your offer, our sales reps will take a look at it and either accept it or send a counteroffer back to you. There may be some back and forth before we make a deal that we both feel good about, but we always try and get you the best bulk ink & toner at wholesale prices. 

We want to start our relationship off on the right foot. If you need bulk ink & toner at wholesale prices, chances are good you’ll need more in the future. That’s why we are willing to work with you because we want to become your go-to source for wholesale toner & printer ink.

Where Do We Get Our Printer Ink?

You might be curious about how we are able to offer much lower prices than the competition while offering the same brands and models.

We have built up our network of dealers we trust that consistently provide us with the top brands and products at competitive prices. Then, we transfer these savings over to you.

Why Is Ink & Toner So Expensive For Printers?

If you are running a business or organization, you can’t afford to pay premium prices for bulk printer ink. That’s why it's so important to find wholesale toner and printer ink, but this isn’t an easy endeavor.

You may be wondering why ink is so expensive for printers? The reality is, there are all kinds of reasons meeting your printing needs can cost an arm and a leg. 


For example, your printer may be inefficient, to begin with. If you tried to save money by going with a cheap printer, you’ll pay for it on the backend in ink and toner costs.


Another possible cause could be that you aren’t using cartridges that match your printing needs. You may think all ink and toner cartridges are the same, but this isn’t true.  If you don’t use the right cartridge for the job, you’ll end up with a poor page yield - which is the number of pages you can print with one ink cartridge. The most likely cause for your egregious bulk toner prices, is you haven’t found the right supplier! You need to go with a quality printer cartridge, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay an arm and a leg.

Do I Really Need Wholesale Printer Ink & Toner?

If you find yourself constantly running to the local office warehouse or reordering cartridges on Amazon, you are wasting your time and money.

You could be buying bulk ink & toner at wholesale prices, saving a ton in the long run. You know your printing volume, and you can calculate your ink and toner needs months out.

Anyone with high volume printing needs is better off making one wholesale printer ink and toner purchase and keeping stock on hand. Next time your cartridge runs out, you can simply open the drawer and replace it on the spot, rather than scrambling and running to Office Depot or Amazon!